The foundation stone on which you’re going to build towards passing your ADI Part 3 test is knowledge, and in this section we’re going to examine exactly what you need to know in order to assist your preparation to have the best possible chance of success.

There are two areas that I’m going to talk about:

Learning And Understanding.

Firstly I’m going to talk about how people learn and how understanding can be developed when you or your pupil is learning about a subject which is skill based. Reading this section should help you to relate to the processes that are used in driving instruction to develop the pupil’s knowledge and their ability to employ that knowledge in a skilful manner when driving.

Part 3 Test Subject Knowledge.

Then I’m going to discuss your knowledge of the subject itself – if you’ve attempted a Part 3 test already or discovered in your training that you’ve found it difficult to “get your words out”; that there isn’t enough time to think of what to say and say it then this section is what you need.

Pre Set Test Knowledge.

The relationship between the subject knowledge and what you need to know about in relation to the Pre Set Tests. Your knowledge of both is assumed to be adequate on the Part 3 test itself and you won’t see any areas on the test marking sheet that it’s assessed in. That’s probably one of the reasons why so many struggle to pass – they don’t know what information is to be taught on the specific Pre Set Tests or how to deliver it effectively.

I’ll talk about about the subject information in relation to the pre set tests later. You’ll discover that each subject can be put into one of three groups; each of the groups shares a common routine that the driver will be using, the only thing that changes in the subject group are the “rules” – knowing when we have to give way or stop in relation to the situation that we’re in.