What You’ll Find Inside

  • Example briefings for every PST.
  • Learn about what the S.E. is looking for – and how to give it to them!
  • How to plan for the expected and unexpected in each PST.
  • How to control your Part 3 test pupil.
  • Every fault your pupil can make – and how to fix it!
  • Learn how to take the lesson – instead of allowing the lesson to “take you”.
  • Benefit from the experience of others.

ADI Part 3 Test Secrets

What you won’t find inside are secrets because there are no secrets!

The truth is that success in the Part 3 test is dependent on sound foundations – good subject knowledge and an understanding of the test and PST subjects combined with the application of a few key skills. All the information that you need to know is available when you’ve found where to look for it – and the rest is down to practice and preparation in relation to the test itself.

The problem for many Part 3 test candidates is that they have not had access to the information they need or had the essential skills explained to them – and if you don’t know what you need to know no matter how much practice you are able to do there is little chance of passing the test.

Part 3 Online is designed to “bridge the gap” between the training that many PDI’s receive and what’s necessary to achieve success in the ADI Part 3 Test.